Thanks For the Kiss

Welcome to my blog!! You may call me Yami or Yamichan. This blog is dedicated to the Tokyo Mew Mew ship KishxIchigo. Tokyo Mew Mew related things shall also be posted here. Expect for other TMM ships.

Note: All credit for fanarts, amvs, ect will be given to the creator. If I cannot find the creator I will post not mine. If you are the creator please send me an ask or a fan letter so I can give you credit. Thank you.

SIDE BAR PICTURES AND MY AVATAR DO NO BELONG TO ME! The credit to the artists has been given in older posts.

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I am a writer

On my fanficiton account, Mew Ami. I mostly write Tokyo Mew Mew fics. The characters are easy to write. Well, at least to me. My most famous story is You Are Not Alone. I’m currently working on the sequel, Eternal Love (They’re KxI fics). Both stories are really old and I have not finished the sequel. This year I decided to restart Eternal Love so I can give a better story since I kept putting it on the back burner and I forgot the original direction of the plot.

Anyway I have only posted chapter one of Eternal Love so far. School and work keep getting away so I haven’t written much for chapter two. I’m going to try my best to get it up next weekend. If not the following after my finals are over with.

Also in two weeks I decided to publish a new KxI fic called Love or Death. I have mentioned it on here before. I thought about waiting until Eternal Love is finished, but I realized that Eternal Love won’t be really long. So I can focus on both of them. I have chapter one is almost half written and chapter two is in my mind. I just need to figure out the rest of the story first.